Ke Kino

Ke Kino Massage Academy

Ke Kino Massage Academy is the premier school for body work and massage in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Ke Kino Massage Academy was created to support massage education.  Ke Kino's spacious classrooms, private clinic rooms, study spaces, meeting areas, and tranquil garden spaces provide just about everything a student could ask for when it comes to a learning environment.

Ke Kino Institute of Healing

Imagine a place that's just for you. A place where you can refresh your soul, recharge your body, rejuvenate yourself.  Imagine stepping into serenity, surrounded by natural hues and soothing aromas.  Imagine that this special place is nearby and readily available.

Imagine no more. Step into reality and make Ke Kino Institute of Healing your haven.
Ke Kino Massage Academy Ke Kino Institute of Healing
Ke Kino Institute of Plano Texas — “Healing the BODY - MIND - SOUL”.
Make the choice to improve your health!
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A natural way to balance your body to better health.
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KeKino Massage Academy and Institute of Healing

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